Mobile Massage Services

Please note: Mobile Massage Services is not available at this time due to COVID restrictions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Don't want to drive into town for a massage? Mindful Touch Massage & Wellness now offers massage delivered to your door! If you live within 40 miles of our location, we can provide you with all the amazing health benefits of massage therapy right at your doorstep. Whether you live in the area or are visiting Morganton, NC, we can travel to you and give you an amazing massage right where you are. We will come to your home, hotel, or vacation rental. Imagine feeling that "after massage bliss" and curling up on your own bed or couch instead of having to drive home.  If you are suffering with back pain, neck pain, TMJ, headaches, or just need to relax, we can help you. Call us today at 828-201-9794 to book your massage at your Home, Hotel, or Vacation Rental!

(Online booking is not available for mobile massage at this time)

Mobile Services and Rates

Mobile massage rates are based on travel distances from our main office in Morganton. Our address is 220 West Union St. Morganton, NC 28655. 

Integrative Massage 

Using a sensitive and mindful touch, your therapist will draw from an eclectic blend of massage methods, including Swedish.  Invoking relaxation within the body is central to this type of massage. Your therapist will use use long gliding strokes, gentle rhythmic rocking, and encourage deep breathing to engage your parasympathetic nervous system. After your body has relaxed, and your tissues have softened, we will explore the deeper layers of your muscle tissue and work to remove stored tension and dysfunction. If you are suffering from chronic pain, seeking to manage a high intensity sports or exercise practice, or just need a nurturing, relaxing massage experience, this massage is for you.

60 Minutes
0-10 miles $90
11-20 miles $120
21-40 miles $150
90 Minutes
0-10 miles $120
11-20 miles $150
21-40 miles $180


Deep tissue massage is a corrective bodywork modality focusing on the deeper layers of muscles within your body. In a deep tissue massage, our therapist will warm up the superficial layers of muscle and then apply a strong pressure combined with a variety of techniques to the targeted underlying (deep) muscles. It is an intense technique designed to relieve tension and restore the muscles to optimal functioning. This technique is very effective in releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body, breaking up adhesions (knots), breaking muscle spasms, elongating shortened muscle fibers, addressing and eliminating scar tissue, increasing range of motion, correcting postural issues and imbalances. Both active and passive movements and stretches may be included as necessary means to enhance your treatment. 

60 Minutes
0-10 miles $100
11-20 miles $130
21-40 miles $160
90 Minutes
0-10 miles $130
11-20 miles $160
21-40 miles $190

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