"Self-care is a huge need in my life between working as a Hospice Nurse and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She helps decrease my stress levels coming from working an emotional job and relieves my aches/pains from the hard physical work I put into my martial arts training. Each massage I receive is customized depending on what I need, whether it's relaxation or working on an inflamed muscle pinching a nerve. Nikki is really receptive and appreciates her clients." 


Maria S.

"Nikki Terry was a great choice for my first ever massage. As soon as I entered her room there was relaxing music playing and an inviting vibe. She first asked about problem areas, focused on those and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I have never been so relaxed in my life! It was so life changing! I will definitely return and be telling all my friends."

Lulu R.

“Nikki is a caring, wise, healer. In addition to her compassionate, effective massage, she brings countless strategies, methodologies, and tools to the table in supporting her clients to thrive, in not only their massage therapy goals; but their

well-being as a whole. She takes the time to listen to her clients’ needs, desires, and current struggles. Combined with her highly tuned skill of listening with her hands, she is an asset in supporting people into overall greater alignment.”

Annaliese Koltermann

Life Coach, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, LMBT


"Nikki is both a warm and caring professional and highly skilled in her trade. She helped me with my computer posture with her specialized techniques."

Hope Devall, LMBT, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher

"Nikki is a well-rounded Massage Therapist who continually educates herself on overall wellness. She always makes you feel very comfortable and her massages are very relaxing and therapeutic. However, she goes beyond your muscles and focuses on learning other ways to help you feel at your optimal best. I have a severe case of sciatic pain down my leg and I was suffering with an extreme case of swollen ankles. Through Nikki's research she learned that sugar causes inflammation in the body and suggested I look to my diet for answers. She also showed me yoga stretches to help with my sciatic pain. Within the last year, thanks to Nikki's guidance & compassionate wisdom, I learned that sugar is in-fact the devil. I gave up sugar, stretch every day before getting out of bed, I have lost 40 LBS and my back is on the mend. Thank you, Nikki. I appreciate your holistic spirit ".

Roseann F. 

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